Detail Maps: Procedural Fabric Pack 01

I'm sorry for reposting this, but I think I've unintentionally created a lot of confusion with how I approached the project so I'm going to streamline this and make it as simple as possible this time.

These are detail maps I created by hand (the weave alphas) and assembled in Substance Designer for maximum customisation ability. There are two versions of the pack.
The Complete Bundle has the Substance Designer files that you can use for reference or for creating different variations or different materials altogether. You can also use Substance Player to quickly generate variations of the maps depending on the demand of the project (wear and tear, age of fabric etc). There are also premade "default" and "custom" textures if you want to use the detail maps immediately (Height, Albedo, Weft ID, Warp ID and Normal) and blend and wrinkle maps to further define the fabric.

The Basic version has just the textures that you can use as detail maps.

Thank you!

Procedural Fabric Pack 01: Overview

Procedural Fabric Pack 01: Turntable